Doctor TS Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81-92-895-5600

Development and production of private brands (PB) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

We will meet the needs of the times and create safe and secure products with our clients.

B.COCORO Co.,LTD. (Group company)

In addition to client needs, we provide detailed support from the planning and development of products required by consumers to market entry.
Raw material manufacturer

For raw materials that are essential to the products that our clients require, we work directly with raw material manufacturers to arrange original raw materials and develop raw materials.
Container / package manufacturer

From selecting containers according to market needs, we can provide total support including optimal packaging, design, and promotional items (POP).
Manufacturing plant

Each factory has strengths and weaknesses. We will select the most suitable factory among the many partner factories to create products that our clients require.
In-house laboratory

We will respond immediately to your product development. (Toothpaste, lotion, serum, cream, shampoo, etc.)